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Lung Nourishing Soup


30g White fungus

10g lily bulb

30g lotus seed

10g Goji berry

5g tangerine peel

1 nashi pear

50g Rock candy


Soak white fungus. Soak lily bulb and lotus seed together. Soak goji berries and set aside.

Clean and chop white fungus into small pieces. Cover with water and pressure cook for 40 minutes. Cut nashi pear into cubes. Add Lily bulb, lotus seed, pear and tangerine peel in with the white fungus and pressure cook for another 30 minute. Add goji berries, brown sugar to taste. Can be eaten warm or cold

1. White Fungus/Yin Er

Property: Sweet, bland, neutral; lung, stomach and kidney meridians entered.

Actions: Nourish yin and moisten the lung, tonify the stomach and promote the secretion of saliva.

2. Lily Bulb/Bai He

Property: Sweet, slightly cold; lung and heart meridians entered.

Actions: Nourish yin of lung and heart, clear heat of lung and heart, relieve cough and dispel phlegm, calm heart and sedates.

3. Lotus Seed/Lian Zi

Property: Sweet, astringent, neutral; spleen, kidney and heart meridians entered.

Actions: Tonify spleen to check diarrhea, tonify kidney and secure essence, stop leukorrhagia, nourish heart and sedates.

4. Goji Berry/Gou Qi Zi

Property: Sweet, neutral; liver and kidney meridians entered.

Actions: Nourish liver and kidney yin, supplement blood and essence, and improve vision.

5. Rock Candy/Bing Tang

Property: Sweet, neutral; lung and spleen meridians entered.

Actions: Strengthen the spleen and harmonize the stomach, moisten the lung to relieve cough.

6. Pear/ Li Pi

Property: Sweet, astringent, cool; lung, heart, kidney and large intestine meridians entered.

Actions: Clear heart, moisten the lung, lower fire, promote the secretion of saliva, and remove toxicity of sores.

7. Tangerine Peel/Chen Pi

Property: Pungent, bitter, warm; spleen and lung meridians entered.

Actions: Promote flow of qi, arrest vomiting, dry dampness and resolve phlegm.


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